Welcome to the West Marches!

This site will be where we document the adventures we collaboratively create in the world of the West Marches. You might ask what a West Marches-style game is, follow this link to learn more. What is a West Marches campaign

The goal of this style of game is to create a living, breathing, changing world where your characters act as the impetus of metamorphosis. This is a dangerous and strange land. The city of Hollowmere, on the south coast of the continent is the only known settlement and new adventurers, called by the promise of gold and relics, arrive every day.

You step off of the large ship that has been your home for these many months and set off towards the dockside tavern, following the same path countless adventures before you have taken. As you grab yourself a drink and settle in for a spell, you hear talk of strange happenings in the wilds.

Now that you know where you are, check out the rules here.

You can see the most recent rumors being discussed in the tavern here.

On the far side of the tavern, above a table that is never occupied, are names. Scratched into the wood of the walls and daubed in ink. The names of adventures fallen and missing.